Uma Riaz’s son goes for a more drawn out innings in Tamil

Showers are pouring in for the youthful and enchanting performing artist Shariq, who made his introduction in the late discharge Pencil. The performing artist was seen as a foe in the film for which he had gotten gigantic positive approvals from Media faultfinders. The tall and attractive Shariq hails from a group of expert performers. His dad is Riyaz Khan who had assumed numerous vital parts in numerous movies. His Mother is Uma Riyaz who played an enlisted executioner in Biriyani and a cop part in Mouna Guru. Shariq happens to be the grandson of veteran performing artist Kamala Kamesh. Since from my adolescence I have constantly wanted to see the world through the Perspective and consequently I have an extraordinary energy towards Photography.

My definitive fever towards visuals made me to observe all dialect movies says Shariq. The adolescent who is at present doing his Animation contemplates feels cheerful for his rival character in Pencil film. Chief Mani Nagaraj spotted me through my photos on Facebook and he had given this superb open door. The offer went ahead my father’s birthday and I was very anxious about following up on extra large screen. It was my parents who inspired me for the huge stride and I truly feel pleased for being a piece of Pencil. The greater part of the top stars who exceed expectations today are the ones who had shown in negative parts before, says Shariq.

Uma was born to Kamesh, a music chief and her mom, Kamala Kamesh, was an acclaimed performing artist who is very much regarded in the industry. After losing her dad at age of nine, she was without any help raised by her mother.She is hitched to Malayalam performer Riyaz Khan. They have two children, Shariq and Samarth. Samarth is acting in a youngster’s film called Suttapazhamum Sudathapazhamum and Shariq acted in the film pencil.