Youth affirms that Suriya slapped him

A Chennai based youth has dispatched a police grievance against Actor Suriya for supposedly slapping him amid a fight out and about. The police have begun exploring on the dissension. Premkumar an inhabitant of Parrys corner, Chennai is a football player. He was going in his engine bicycle with one of his companion’s riding pillion; towards Adyar for his normal football rehearse. While he was riding the bicycle close to the Thiru.Vi.Ka scaffold of Adyar, he lost control as the auto making a trip alongside him; connected sudden break and his bicycle had hit the auto from behind. The lady driving the car quickly ventured suffocates and grabbed a squabble with the two guys for harming her car. Public assembled because of the sudden quarrel.

As of now on-screen character Suriya who was going by ventured out of his auto and purportedly talked in backing of the lady. The objection given Premkumar asserts that Suriya slapped him amid the contention and requested that the lady leave before he left the spot. The two young men have stopped a dissension against Suriya in the Shastri Nagar Police station, Chennai against Suriya for purportedly slapping them, In any case, Suriya’s manager has an alternate variant of the episode: The two adolescents in a bicycle had hit an old woman close Adyar. The adolescents had been annoying that old woman when Suriya passed that area. He halted his car and had interceded and had scrutinized the two adolescents for irritating the old woman.

Suriya had quickly reported the police about this incident and left the spot. He exited his associate on the spot to help the police. Exploiting Suriya’s nonattendance, the two adolescents had recorded a false objection against Suriya. Recently Suriya reacted strongly for abusing his name in Malaysia. Stay tuned for updates.