No more Online Booking Charges! Vishal thanks Abirami Ramanathan

After GST has been rolled out on 1st of July, the entire theaters in TN went on to close the shutters for four consecutive days protesting against 28% GST along with 30% local body tax.

However the theaters started to function with the burden of tax moved on to the moviegoers via increased ticket costs.

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This has significantly reduced the number of footfalls in the theaters, as the total cost of the ticket has increased around 50%.

To ease the burden, Abirami Ramanathan of Abirami theaters have announced that there wont be any convenience charges for booking tickets online (only in Abirami theaters for now).

This move to attract move viewers to theaters seems to have much impressed the Producers council. Vishal the president of the council has written a letter thanking Abirami Ramanathan for this.

See what he has said in his letter.