Rajnikanth has nothing in his head: Markandeya Katju

Rajnikanth’s fans want him to enter politics, but it isn’t 100% sure that he will be welcomed with a red carpet if he does so. Markandeya Katju the former chief justice of India has taken a dig on the superstar.

He posted on his facebook wall “Rajinikanth – I have a high opinion of south Indians, but I just cannot understand their stupid deification and idolization of filmstars.

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I remember when I was in Annamalai University ( 1967-68 ) I once went with some Tamilian friends to see a movie starring Shivaji Ganesan. At the very beginning of that movie the feet of Shivaji Ganesan were shown ( and only the feet ) and the audience went hysterical.

Now it seems many south Indians are crazy about Rajnikanth, and some even want him to enter politics and be the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

But what is there in Rajnikanth ? Has he any solutions to the massive problems of poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare, farmers distress, etc ? I think he has none. Then why do people want him in politics ? Like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth has nothing in his head.

(Note: His facebook post is not spell checked)