Pencil Movie Review

Movie Info + Ratings

Title: Pencil
Genre: Thriller
Directed By: Mani Nagaraj
GV Prakash
Music by: G. V. Prakash Kumar
In Theaters:
2 /5

Story Line

Featuring GV Prakash Kumar and Sri Divya in the number one spot, this secret thriller depends on the South Korean film fourth Period Mystery.


GV Prakash’s hostility with a student, played by Shariq Hassan, is all around archived in his school as the two, after a few unimportant battles, wind up trading undeniable blows. To GV Prakash’s stun, Shariq Hassan is later discovered killed in his classroom. Justifiably, Prakash turns into a prime suspect for the situation. Rest of the film spins around how GV Prakash, with the assistance of his companion, played by Sri Divya, understands the riddle behind the homicide.


Pencil performs better in the second half with sufficient rush minutes and some fabulously composed comic drama arrangements. The main half however is not up to the imprint. Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography emerges till the very end, for it is difficult to shoot the whole motion picture in the same area and afterward make it look not all that dreary. Supervisor Anthony has made a perfect showing with regards to in keeping the groups of onlookers snared in numerous scenes. GV Prakash’s background score is able and strong.


Strong exhibitions are given by the film’s supporting cast that incorporates performers like VTV Ganesh, Urvashi and TP Gajendran. While GV Prakash’s execution looks a touch awkward, Sri Divya neglects to depict her character in a persuading way. Notwithstanding, her appeal compensates for it. Shariq Hassan resembles a decent find. It ought to enthusiasm to check whether the newcomer sacks any other venture later.


Generally speaking, Pencil could’ve been a superior thriller if the executive fused couple of more excites and spills. Having said that, the film has its minutes, which makes it a not too bad thriller.

What is good: Story, Screenplay, Background music

What is bad: Could have done better

Ratings – 2.5/5

Watch it or not: Can Watch Once.