Jackson Durai Music Review

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Title: Jackson Durai
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Dharani Dharan
Music by: Siddharth Vipin
In Theaters:
2 /5

Cast: Karunakaran, Sathyaraj, Sibiraj
Direction: Dharanidharan
Story: Dharanidharan
Music: Vivin Siddharth

1. Motor Bike
Singer: Antony Dassan
Lyrics: Dharani Dharan, Arvind Devaraj

The idiosyncratic collection starts in a retro note melded with perky vocals of Anthony Dassan. The syncopated beat is mixed easily with live drumming and feisty Jazz keys. Dassan adds an apathetic layer to this melody which has high vitality levels.

2. Yededho
Singers: Karthik, Chinmayi
Lyrics : Mohan Rajan

A windy tune with meriting vocals of Karthik and imposing Chinmayi touches base next however this melody isn’t contemporary in any sense. It endeavors to bring back the natural society flavors hit consummately with 80s Pop anthems. The general feel is very new and exciting.

3. Jackson Durai
Singer : Gana Bala
Lyrics : Dharani Dharan, Arvind Devaraj

The collection changes gears to a masala number in the effective vocals of Gana Bala and bolstered capably by shocking musicality area and people instruments. The author includes an extra advanced touch with Hip-Hop beats with computerized circles too. In any case, it is the thrilling saxophone and trumpets which take the front seat in this album.

4. Motor Bike (Remix)
Singer : Antony Dassan
Lyrics : Dharani Dharan, Arvind Devaraj

Is it time for a loco finale with the remix adaptation of the quirkiest melody in the collection. The author ensures it doesn’t sound excessively loud any point of time by including just less riffs giving it a gathering look in a flash. This form endeavors to assemble an extension between provincial people flavors to club music in style

Decision: Jackson Durai is a negligible collection which is high on freshness.